Corrigendum to: “EASL clinical practice guidelines: Management of chronic hepatitis B virus infection” [J Hepatol 2012;57:167–185]

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      • EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of chronic hepatitis B virus infection
        Journal of HepatologyVol. 57Issue 1
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          Our understanding of the natural history of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and the potential for therapy of the resultant disease is continuously improving. New data have become available since the previous EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) prepared in 2008 and published in early 2009 [1]. The objective of this manuscript is to update the recommendations for the optimal management of chronic HBV infection. The CPGs do not fully address prevention including vaccination. In addition, despite the increasing knowledge, areas of uncertainty still exist and therefore clinicians, patients, and public health authorities must continue to make choices on the basis of the evolving evidence.
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      Revision of Table 5 of the recent EASL HBV Clinical Practice Guidelines which included the cross-resistance data for the most frequent resistant HBV variants [Table 5 (revised)] These changes do not affect the strength of clinical evidence and the recommendations for the clinical management of patients who develop HBV resistance during therapy with nucleos(t)ide analogues.
      Table 5 (revised)Cross-resistance data for the most frequent resistant HBV variants. The amino-acid substitution profiles are shown in the left column and the level of susceptibility is given for each drug: S (sensitive), I (intermediate/reduced susceptibility), R (resistant) [140].
      Single M204V mutation is not usually detected in clinical practice; its cross-resistance profile has been mainly studied in vitro.
      The name of one of the contributors, Harry L.A. Janssen, was incomplete. It is complete below.
      Contributors: George Papatheodoridis (Coordinator & EASL Governing Board), Maria Buti, Markus Cornberg, Harry L.A. Janssen, David Mutimer, Stanislas Pol, Giovanni Raimondo; Reviewers: EASL Governing Board, Geoffrey Dusheiko, Anna Lok, Patrick Marcellin.