Expression of Concern

    Published:October 16, 2018DOI:

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        This is a note of a temporary expression of concern related to the publication titled “Molecular forms of HMGB1 and Keratin-18 as mechanistic biomarkers for mode of cell death and prognosis during clinical acetaminophen hepatotoxicity” by Daniel J Antoine, Rosalind E Jenkins, James W Dear, Dominic P Williams, Mitchell R McGill, Matthew R Sharpe, Darren G Craig, Kenneth J Simpson, Hartmut Jaeschke, and B. Kevin Park (J Hepatol. 2012 May; 56(5): 1070–1079. doi:
        The concern is with the research undertaken into the HMGB1 isoforms, including their potential use to inform mechanisms, diagnosis and prognosis of various disease states; with specific reference to the fact that results do not seem to be replicable. The Editors of the Journal of Hepatology have been in contact with the authors and they are in the process of repeating the measurements for total HMGB1 and cytokeratin 18 on samples available from the paper and while this is happening, the expression of concern will remain.