Edward John Gane
Associate Editor
Viral Hepatitis
University of Auckland and New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit, Auckland City Hospital

Ed Gane is a Professor of Medicine at teh University of Auckland and Chief Hepatologist at the New Zealand Liver TRansplant Unit, Auckland City Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. He received his medical training at Otago University Medical School. Subsequently he completed doctoral thesis on pathogenesis of hepatitis C at the Insitutute of liver Studies, Kings College Hospital, London, UK. iHe has had research sabbatical at Stanford University, USA.Dr. Gane has a particular interest in early phase development of new therapies against chronic hepatitis C, chronic hepatitis B and NASH. Dr Gane is the Ministry of Health clinical advisor for the National HBV Testing and Surveillance Programme and chairs teh HepC ELimination Implementation committee. Dr Gane has served as council member for the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology and APASL.