Maxime Ronot
Associate Editor

Maxime Ronot, MD, PhD, is professor at the Université de Paris, and works in the Department of Medical Imaging at the Beaujon University Hospital in Clichy, France. His main interests are in abdominal imaging—mainly liver and pancreas diseases and tumors—and in interventional abdominal oncology.

Prof. Ronot received his MD and PhD at the University of Paris Diderot in France. He trained in diagnostic and interventional imaging in several hospitals, including Gustave Roussy Cancer Center in France, University Hospitals of Geneva in Switzerland, and in the Department of Medical Imaging at the University Hospitals of Paris in France.

He also works in the laboratory of physiologic and molecular magnetic resonance (MR) of the abdomen at the Institute for Integrated Cancer Research (INSERM) U1149 in Paris, France. His research concerns functional imaging and oncology.

Prof. Ronot is a member of several French and European societies of radiology, including the French and European Societies of Radiology, and the European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR), and is a member of the LI-RADS steering committee.

He has authored or coauthored nearly 200 articles and book. He serves as president of the French national ethics committee for medical imaging research.